J.K. Fenner India's products have been synonymous with quality & reliability in Mechanical Power Transmission Engineering across the globe for over 140 years offering not only the best of products but also complete solutions. Our range of products viz. Belts, Pulleys, Couplings, Variable Speed Drives, Clutches & Gear Boxes has become the industry bench-mark over the years being manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities accredited with various Quality Certifications
Automotive Belts and Oilseals form an important part in almost all vehicle segments. Belts are used in a variety of applications for driving radiator fans, water pumps, alternators air conditioning compressor etc.
Oilseals are used as a sealing medium for oil/fluids in various automobile applications such as engine, transmission, wheel, front fork, power steering etc.
Fenner has recently launched a range of new products under the brand name "JK Pioneer" - Bearings, Hoses, Rice Rolls and chains for the Industrial Segment and Engine Mountings, Centre Joint Rubbers and Suspension Bush Kits for commercial vehicles and passenger cars in the Automotive Segment.
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